Participants in the project 2015 with Leon Henry Schwarzbaum:

Caspar Beckel, Timo Franzman, Emily Greulich, Julian Cwiklinski, Davide del Popolo, Vlasios Ntizos, Emma Miliori, Marianna Tzormpatzaki, Karl Seiler, Martin Busse, Richard Herner, Tom Miller, Michal Wislocki

Personal impressions of Michal Wislocki – Apprentice of Siemens in Poland

„My name is Michal Wislocki. I come from Poland. Together with my colleagues, I participated in this project.

What did those five days mean to me?

They were, first and foremost, a very big experience. I had not known before that Siemens had cooperated with the former KZ Ravensbrueck. I also had no idea that Siemens had a facility next to the camp.

I therefore immediately accepted the invitation to participate and fortunately my assumption that this would be interesting was confirmed.

On the first day, when Herr Heyl [Note: the educational head of the memorial site] showed us the camp, I began to become more and more interested in the history of the camp. I examined the main exhibition very carefully. I also had access to documentation made during the interrogation of Polish witnesses. These I read very carefully.

For me as a Pole, the suffering inflicted on my people during WWII are of particular concern. That’s why I do everything to find out about the history of my nation. I can now really say that the participation in this project allowed me to understand all of this better.

I had the great pleasure of getting to know Herr Schwarzbaum. His story touched me deeply, especially as I will probably never have the opportunity again to hear it “live” from person to person.”

Visit of the heads of the SPE school

We were very happy that we were able to present our project findings to the Head of Siemens Professional Education Germany, Thomas Leubner, our Regional Head (Region SPE) Martin Stöckmann, and to our school director Frau Behns-Vespermann and to Jörg Matern, who deals with the external clients of the Siemens Professional Education Berlin.

After a short presentation of the project results, we walked to the premises of the former Siemens & Halske factory halls together, read out reports by former forced laborers and spoke about what was manufactured in which hall. Below you can get some impressions of this tour.