The premises of the Siemens facility

Assignment of barracks (work halls) at the Siemens production facility Ravensbrück from 1942 to 1945

1 Storage warehouse
2 Scouring hall
3 Relay assembly
Assembly of switches and meters
Device assembly
Storage and tin-coating
Prefabrication and surface workshop
8 Styroplere

Potentiometer assembly
10 Assembly of Sikatro capacitors
11 Residential barrack
12 Lavatory barrack
13 Residential barrack + kitchen
14 Residential barrack
15 Relay assembly
16 Relay assembly

17 no data
18 Transformer assembly
19 Assembly of Sikatro capacitors
20 Relay assembly
21 Relay assembly
22 no data
23 Wire resistor assembly
24 Storage

According to witnesses, canonry and ammunition were also made here from 1944 to 1945, as these had a higher priority towards the end of the war. After its liberation in 1945, the KZ Ravensbrueck  nearly seamlessly transferred into the hands of the Red Army. Between 1945 and the middle of the 1450s, barracks were torn down bit by bit and partially replaced by newer buildings on the old foundations. Today some of these foundations are still visible, giving an impression of the 100.000 m² extent of the camp.

A tour of the premises
The work halls
Foundations of a work hall

Making the Siemens premises experiencable

The concrete foundations of the former work halls of the Siemens facility are hard to discern nowadays: grasses, flowers, small trees and weeds have grown over the relics of the past. Trainees and students of the Siemens Professional Education school take a trip to the former camp each year to clear pathways and foundations from vegetation, exposing them again, to give a better impression of the dimensions of the halls and the size of the production facility. Information boards with statements of former prisoners were also made and put up, to make the past of the location experiencable.